The Apartments of Eternal Christmas: An Introduction

About 1 year and 9 months ago, I decided that after multiple post-collegiate years of numerous addresses and roommates, it was time to venture off to get my own place. And by that I mean *rent* my own place. And by that I mean rent my own place that I could actually afford and not be forced to subsist primarily on peanut-butter sandwiches due to the monthly price.

This means that I live in 500 square feet of glorious semi-solitude (walls are thin) a sporadically-scheduled bus-line-ride away from the metro within the brick box of a building I refer to as THE APARTMENTS OF ETERNAL CHRISTMAS.

I moved in during the fall of 2012 and shortly after, Christmas decorations appeared on apartment doors and the exterior of the building out the window of one of the ground-floor apartments.  Those decorations stayed up.  And stayed up. And stayed up. And well…

Christmas in July!

Christmas in July!

The above photo was taken YESTERDAY.

Apts 2

Candy canes and tinsel 4eva

As was this one.

I think it is hilarious. And confusing. And I’m just glad that the festive outdoor musical icicles finally lost their ability to sing.  That was kind of annoying.

The Apartments of Eternal Christmas and its inhabitants are sure to be featured in future posts – so with this, I say welcome to my home.  It is the most fauxdult of buildings and for that, it’s perfect!


5 thoughts on “The Apartments of Eternal Christmas: An Introduction

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