Seriously!?! I’m on to you,…

After posting yesterday about my hopeful purchasing habits and hinting at my weakness for bedding (it’s out of control – I love, love, love bedding) – lookey what pops into my inbox today:


You are a crafty bastard, Overstock.

You are a crafty bastard, Overstock.

Inappropriate, Overstock.  Unless you subscribe to my blog, You have no right to take the information I so innocently share and use it to pierce my Achilles heel!  No right! Except if you have some really nice sheets on sale. I ended up donating some of my old sheets to the Washington Humane Society earlier this summer and they now need replacing. Because I am going to get in the habit of changing my sheets more frequently. So you may win this time, Overstock. But I’m watching you…


2 thoughts on “Seriously!?! I’m on to you,…

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