What’s for Dinner?

It’s another Fauxdulthood Friday!!  And because I am a hobbit-human hybrid when it comes to meals, I’m hungry at 3pm – despite a recent burrito – and am thinking about dinner.  My wonderful friend CGriff has helped me narrow options down to four responsible and nutritious choices:


2 are also acceptable for breakfast...take a guess!

Two of these options are also acceptable for breakfast – can you guess which ones?

Have a lovely weekend my friends and Fauxdults!


Caitlin S. Griffin is a fellow Fauxdult who has been drawing in Paint for 20+ years. She didn’t tell me to say this but you should know that Caitlin has created award winning art that is available for purchase as the Everybody Dies Series through the National Theatre in London. CGriff also writes about smart-people things (like Shakespeare) on her blog Drown My Books.

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